Accommodation types to suit all Fisherpeople


Top Deck is great! Just do a head count before bed, at
Midnight, 3AM & 6AM and sleep evenly spaced apart.
Please close windows on bottom floor if peeing from upper deck
(and no farting please)
This is the 3rd one we have built this season and so far have not lost it or the clients renting it.
If anyone is down at the 57 mile and stumbles across the old one,
please have a look for my box of lures ,
and those 2 blokes whose Family keeps annoying me with phone calls,
still looking for them.

This is the more popular option due to crocodiles.
However recommend going to toilet before going to bed.
This vehicle floated there during wet season,
our trailer and boat that was attach
ed has since rusted off.

The BBQ area is very popular sporting the latest designs
in Territory BBQ's. We managed to get the 20 cent refund
token out of it.

This is at our "wet season" camp. (photo taken in Dry)
During the Wet, we put you right at the best snag in the NT with the water level lapping the front door.
Note to crew.....Please check the chains are attached this year, its costing a fortune pinching quality vans from Northbank or Sundowner.

Bath time is a great time for all our guests. Fresh water is at a premium
so don't throw it out. The dishes can be done in the tub after.

In trying to be green, we utilise everything as much as we can twice.
From experience, best to do number twos before dinner.
Make sure bowl is clean before lighting up.
You know that "Bear that shit in the rainforest" smell......

The boys in this bath survived, dishes didn't
TIO Insurance claim # 454843522
We have had to limit bath time to 2 sticks of wood each only
and sharing the bath to a max of 7 at a time.

We have had to ban smoking in our  5 star accommodation
unless advised to by staff as sometimes a Jerry can of fuel
can be accidentally spilt.
TIO Insurance claim # 454849982

TIO Insurance Claim # 45486258 Our poor charter boat........
Hey guys is it safe to put this photo up yet? Have we been paid out yet?
After all it would look a little sus with us all cheering, beers in hand
running around our "striken" boat after that lightning strike hit the opened Jerry can in the boat, burning all our expensive fishing gear & engine in the dry season.
 Hey guys, can you let me know if this photo should be up,
you can see where we stripped all the
good stuff off the boat, I can see the fishing gear & engine in a pile
(that I currently have in my shed)


This tent "accidentally" caught fire on our 2010 September cultural tour.
Cuz, I'm telling you, NO MORE religious jokes unless they are Irish.
I know the 53 of them just appeared at camp one morning as that Indon Prau was heading off out to sea again. But didn't you think is was suspect when they actually ate your cooking and wanted more?!.
They got pissed on 1 beer that you said was coca cola, started flogging me with a stick when I told the joke about the town of Why
alla ,the prostitutes & the priest.
Ahh well it was well worth the $2000 each they willingly gave for the tour.
All of them seemed sick of fishing? Anyway it paid for the new tent and my stitches.
Maybe we should do an English test as part of tour requirements?
So where did you drop them Cuz? Coonawarra was it?
It was amazing how they all fitted in the little tinny !