The Midnight Fishing Safaris Brag Gallery
Hey Cuz, did you put film in the camera this time?

tony abbott on sabatical with midnight fishing safaris and his budgie barra smugglers

Hey Cuz, you can fillet Tony's barra as it may not be legal size.
I'm not touching it, it may have a pubic hair on it.

He'll get us in trouble as barra smugglers.
Are our guides selling Girl Guide biscuits again this year Cuz?
It's the only time we make money.!.....

Here's the Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on
a Midnight Fishing Safari in 2007

** Had to laugh Cuz when you offered him a half price tour
if he ever became Prime Minister again. 
Ha ! What are the chances of that ever happening....
We'd go broke !!

Julia with her catch.
But I could of sworn it was undersize Cuz ??!
OK ! Who stretched it ?? or is this my barra in the photo?
Did she pinch my barra, Cuz?
Man you gotta watch our customers.
Better do a stocktake on our 8 Lures & 5 hooks.


Brian Cohen at the Midnight Safari Chateau with his catch,
glad he has gone as we had heaps of freeloaders turn up from nowhere?
He said something about feeding hundreds of people with just one fish?
The Big nosed Wanker!

So this Brian fella drops his barra and his freeloading
 mates all freak out? WTF !
Cuz had to drop 5 of the pricks and head butt 3
all while trying to fillet the just legal Barra
Man they must of been hungry for sushi


These guys (Jake & Elwood) never smiled all trip !!
Caught the biggest Barra of the day & complained about having
to get back to "fishing for Cod" or something.
Whinging Yanks Cuz !! They never stop.


The former Prime Minister John Howard  joined us at Blackfella Creek on the Roper River NT, in April after the Wet Season.
Would not stop apologising for the rate rises.

Jim or Brian or whatever his name was joined us at the mouth of the Roper River before we turned back after losing him while having a wee stop.
(He didn't use toilet paper either by the way?)
(We still ate his barramundi though and managed 3 more while trolling during search party)


George & George were also with us , however we are unable to say when or where, but we let them have a fish for the photo. We declined offer of remote missile strike into Roper River to speed things up a bit.
 (Indicated that Prawn farm was a "special" place.)

Midnight crabbing tours- Come with us on a crabbing tour of a lifetime.
No pots for you to muck around with an get messy smelly fingers baiting them up. You just check them where you find them up any creek, assorted coloured floats & names. We sneak in before the other share farming partners return. No-one complains to us.
Cuz.. we should have enough money soon to get our own pots next year....



When all else fails, Midnight Fishing Safaris comes through
with the goods.

Midnight Fishing Safaris, has all the latest
boating and equipment.
Why just this year we had an "act of god" which
enabled us to obtain another boat.
Good old Iron Chef Tommy & his gas cooker.
TIO Insurance Claim # 49455321354

If you do happen to find him, can you send him back to Katherine Northern Territory.


Midnight Fishing Safaris offer white water experiences
that you will never forget







This was our boat before when it was run aground at Hawks nest during a  "did you pull my line gag tour"
Yes there were so many tears of laughter that we hit a
snag that ripped the hull. Unfortunately it was right at the
Jumping Crocodile Tour spot and the tour boat had not
been there for several weeks.
We only lost 1 tourist on that occasion,
(and about 5 legs, 3 arms between us)

But boy, we had actually paid our insurance that year
and got our boat above,
which unfortunately the 2007 insurance premium
was spent on a horse.


But we don't forget where we came from.
It was only a few years ago we started out like this,
on our first ever tour.
It was highly recommended that if ever you got a bite,
You threw the rod overboard.
Remember that race we had up the Nitmiluk Katherine Gorge Cuz? Where you had to be rescued by the Girl Guides of Katherine!

2002 - This boat had plenty of potential with room to move.
However Cuz was running short on fuel & checked the drums for unleadedunfortunately leaving the caps off all 8 drums.

I think it has found its purpose as an artificial reef at Tomato Island, Roper River NT.
Our Fishing Safaris are in nature's wonderland of the Northern Territory
This very rare Torres Strait Island pigeon took a liking to Cuz junior .
Unfortunately it met a timely death just after the photo was taken.
Cuz, I still dont think it had bird flu or was a carrier ,
so keep the golf clubs holstered next time.
Had to use my shoestring to stitch up Cuz Jr, which
was a bloody inconvenience (got a blister on my foot that day)

Late August 2013

The minister For Linigari(sp) denying he had anything to do with the "Midnight Fishing Safaris" Latest TIO Claim.
Bloody Hell Cuz, how can he deny anything to do with it.
It was
his stupid hat you lost because you were going too fast through the mangroves on a high tide.
Its the other fella that fell out the boat & haven't found yet that
should have a claim in.