Midnight Fishing Safaris have the tour for
you that suits our lifestyle

*Hey Cuz, just remember to remove my comments about our shit clients before posting  *


The "Lucky Lucky Bastard" Tour

On this tour we all seem to get a Barra or two (We call bream & catfish "Barra" as well)(Tourists have no idea). No skill is required on this tour, in fact there is little skill to be seen on any of our tours. The fact that you get back safely is a bonus on its own,
so stop your whining already.

* Bloody tourists ! I'll tell you Cuz, they never stop. You think they want shade in the boat or something at Black Fella Creek.

The "Not as good as last time" tour

On this tour we just don't seem to get fish like the tours of yesteryear (or other tour operators) You can expect many theories on global warming and the "countrymen collecting firewood early this year" & mango flowerings, because it is just not our fault, OK ! Who brought that banana onto the boat again?
*Do some more research on Global warming this year Cuz, as the pricks are getting more clueyer each year, like they have read a book or something*

The "did you pull my line" gag tour

Come with us for a back slapping barrel of laughs as we pull your line a minimum of 19 times per day to break the monotony of no fish again, we have such a wonderful time and have trouble driving the boat through the snags at high speed due to the tears of laughter in our eyes. So hang on tight on this tour. We even tell all the jokes you may of forgotten over the years (or only heard last week).

Sorry to inform, but this tour has now been cancelled for the rest of the Season. It appears we had a MMA fighter on tour who cracked the shits at Cuz after the 15th time off pulling his line for the day.
Cuz is currently in recovery & doing well. 


The "did we have 4 guys or 5 guys" tour

Every now and then one of our guides may lose someone in the wilderness, and this gives all remaining fishermen (with a water bottle) (and not dehydrated/sunburnt) the opportunity to be a part of a search party. But the best twist is that we search from our boat along the river still trolling our lures & often stop at a snag or two to throw in a line as well.
If you happen to get a bite you have to yell out loud over the others who are calling "Brian" or "Jim" or whoever that last guy was that we never found. After a while we forget our stress of losing someone and head home all happy as you realise there are less people to share the catch with.


The "did you pack the gear" tour

Every now and then due to unforeseen circumstances a few rods may fly out of the trailer, or the swags go missing (again) or the clothes & tuckerbox just don't make it. This gives the party a wonderful opportunity to bond and take turns using the remaining fishing line & lure (you'll have to pay for it if you lose it) (the others may get a little angry). Its amazing what meals you can prepare using just slimy fish bait and gum leaves. And bedtime, well best to share the swag with anyone but Cuz. In fact best just to stay up as late as you can after all this is a Midnight Fishing Safari.

The "burley em up" tour

On this tour we leave the confines and calmness of the River system and head out to sea.
We head out to the outer islands (They are called that because they are out & not in). This will give you the ride of a lifetime (especially when there is a High in the Bight and GPS has been lost again, and the sun has set). The race is on to get to a reef or an island before everyone starts getting sea sick ,throwing up and making a mess in the boat or we hit a reef at low tide. The idea is to burley up the water where we drop anchor and there is usually more food left over for crew. A vomit in the water is highly prized when stopped and the Captains line is wet than on the move. But as usual Cuz it is you that is vomiting.

The "Bring the Wives along" tour

On this tour we bring the bosses along and sit around the campfire in total misery. In fact this tour is often called the "Not quite Midnight Fishing Safaris Tour" as that is the time the wives seem to head to the tent and ask (er...demand) if you are coming. You get to take your beer home as the "evil eye" is often cast your way every time you call out "who wants a beer".
On this tour you don't get to spend much time in the boat as you are worried how the Ladies are going back at camp,......your thoughts range from .... are they too hot, are the flys and mosquitos annoying them, did a bug fall in their cup and are they now dehydrated as a result and feeling faint, did they have trouble digging a hole, did they realise there is no toilet seat to whine about, are they going to whinge for an hour or two when you get back 10 minutes later than "about 4PM", where did I leave the panadol, did that crocodile finally crawl up the bank and take her, did I insure her for enough to get a new boat and a holiday, did she have the keys in her pocket, should the new wife be 18 or older, did I insure her enough for a bigger boat than my last thought with a 70 horse, a new rod or three plus a box of brand new lures, a longer holiday than before, a new wife with a friend, actually forget the wife bit and just try the friend & friend of friend........

And before you realise it, you are pulling into camp and can see that evil eye stare from the bank.

At the end of this tour you end up with no fish and a sunburnt wife that just hates fishing and cannot see why you would want to do it, which works in your favour as next time you let slip you are going fishing, she is all for inflicting that sort of pain into you and even helps pack the swag for you. Problem solved for the rest of your fishing life.

And just remember it was all on a Midnight Fishing Safari.

Crabs'r'us Tour

In this tour we head out in our army auction patrol boat from the Vietnam War era.

No need to get sticky smelly fingers while baiting crab pots as we don't have any pots, so none of that Fisheries Rules & regulations rubbish to worry about.

We have a sort of 'share farming ' arrangement with other fishermen who set the traps for us.

You get to check those traps and retie the ones with the pretty coloured cable ties & on some days we don�t even bother re-cabling or dropping them back in the water. Just keep an eye out for the red flashing light from the well positioned gopro camera. (We now have 5 in our collection).

On the "Super Dooper Crabs'r'Us Adventure tour", we put on the flack jackets & head down to the Wearyan River system in the Borroloola Gulf region & check Roy Wrights crab pots. Haven't lost too many clients on those trips lately.

And sometimes while we are out in the Crabs'R'Us extra muffled patrol boat we venture down the Finnis River way past the warning/information signs that talk about a big Red Black & Yellow Sea Serpent thing that lives there further up the river. We have not seen this monster yet, but after all we are there in the dark at midnight as this is a Midnight Fishing Safaris tour. One day we might stop & read that sign, but thanks for warning us about it. 

Need more Fishing Gear Tour

On this tour we go for a peek around the car park at Mandorah Jetty, chat to a few fisherman on the Jetty and at some point when we mention that we are "Midnight Fishing Safaris" they get intimidated and run for the Ferry heading to Darwin, leaving their fishing gear for us. It's all in the timing.


Don't do the dishes Tour

During this week of hard action, no-one lifts a finger to do the dishes. You just scrape off the night befores muck (if the maggots have not gotten it all) & slap on todays gourmet meal. After all you are treated as a real man on our tours. None of that sissy pampering stuff.

We have shortened this tour to 3 days so if anyone tries to sue us again for some botulism poisoning crap, it wasn't our fault OK !!! If you get sick back in town it must of been from Airport food or the takeaway shop which all our clients want to visit on arrival to town again. If you get sick in our camp, you automatically get elevated to the more expensive "Burley them up" Tour (so bring your credit card)

Please be advised that this tour is impossible to run in conjunction with a "Bring the wives along tour"

You're the Tour Guide Tour

On this tour (our most expensive yet) you get to play tour guide and take me & Cuz to the places where you reckon we'll get a few fish. After all , every prick we have ever taken on our tours seems to know what is best.
We get to hound you into the ground with those effen same questions we get over & over every trip like.....

" Why don't we fish over there near that other fishing safari mob as they are getting fish"
"It's too hot or its too cold" ,"Can you bait my hook" , "Why haven't we caught anything all day", "You guys are shit", "There's no toilet paper", "Why is the spare jerry can empty?" , "We have been out for 3 days now & caught nothing", "We paid good money for nothing", "You guys are shit" , "You guys suck", "Are you sure there are fish in this river", "Why do we have to row", "I'm hungry", "Can I go on their boat", "They are having fun over on that Charter", "You guys are shit", " I paid $10,000 and all I got was the runs" , "Where's my refund", "You're not removing your lure from my face", "You guys are shit", "Why cant we try that snag" " Do you know how to fish?", "You Territory Boys think you know everything", "My swag has pubic hair in it", "I'm going to sue", "You Guys are Shit"

So if you want to be on the You're the Guide Tour, expect an ear bashing from us, like we get from our useless customers.

** Hey Cuz, should we put a disclaimer on here that if they find a good spot where Barra are actually caught, we reserve the right to take customers to that spot & claim it as ours?. Did you ever charge that guy for the lure that you embedded in his face, and never came back from Katherine Hospital? That cost about $8. Man did he whinge.

Midnight Fishing Safaris Mystery tour

On this tour you go to some of Australia's most exotic fishing places. We choose the destination on day of departure. Destination is based on customer type (Dickhead or total dickhead) (Cuz only has 2 categories), Other factors depend on Weather & amount of fuel in the tank. More often than not we end up at the Midnight Fishing Safari Camp which is more misery than mystery with the flies being pretty bad after the last "Don't do the dishes" Tour.

WTF Cuz, I still cannot work out how you ended up at Uluru the other week ?? Lame excuse about missing the Roper Highway turnoff! Its a further 1100 km to the Uluru turnoff & its on the bloody right hand side. Lucky the customers paid at those 4 fuel stations. (Did you keep their receipts? so we can claim?)

Pissing in the Wind Tour (free add on tour)

On this tour down the Vic to Angularri River everyone gets to be a part of it.
Cuz has no sense of wind direction when its blowing a 30 knotter on the open water. In fact Cuz has no sense of any direction. He uses a tomtom just to get milk and you are lucky if the milk has not curdled by the time he gets back. The trouble with this tour is that if you dont keep your wits about you, the whole boat gets a spray & he is none the wiser as to what panic has been created. Just get him a another beer (shake it so it froths up as its the only way he will wash his hands).
Best not to fall asleep in the boat no matter how hot , wind burnt, sun burnt, tired & dehydrated you may be.

Friday nights didgeridoo comp with Cuz James

Fun for the whole family (Men Only) on didgeridoo Fridays. Show your skills (or lack of...)(just like James) as you sit around the campfire with the traditional Outback Australian wooden music stick. Others can join in with clap sticks (if they have not been used to start the campfire again.) Let James issue you with a range of quality traditional "Bali made" didjs (We dont want to offend the Greenies in Oz)

 Just check your didj for small drill holes that mysteriously reappear every time James is outclassed in the comp.(usually weekly) (He is still licking his wounds from the Katherine Flying Fox Festival "Main Event" in August 2010.
We did try to tell him that he was shite, but he thought we were joking.  (Look, It did start out as a straight faced conversation though when we said he plays really really really well)..(but we were belly laughing and rolling on the floor within minutes as we just couldn't hold a straight face any longer).  Anyway James we do need you on Safari soon , so er.. mate  please come back.  (Mate... it was 3 "reallys" that we said, what did we say wrong??)

Now James (Mate) We dont want to take over your didj segments on Friday nights as its a long way to walk in the dark back to the Midnight Fishing Safari Camp. (And you still haven't found last weeks Comp winner) The other guys said you were walking back at the end of the group with him. (But we still split his lure collection) (I got 5 classics)
Anyway guessed it, the didj camp is about 2 kilometres further out in the bush out of earshot from the rest of us . Cant stand people making fart noises & donkey noises that is amplified X10 fold through the hollow stick. We get that day & night from Cuz on & off tour & without a didj. (and it's 3 dimensional with odour)

I'm telling you Cuz, we should just drop the Friday night didj sessions as it is attracting hippy types to our safaris, and it might ruin our reputation.

Anyway, Cuz James is still missing after going to do the banking for us. He never got off his arse to do much before, so who knows why he wanted to do the banking that day he went missing?